Allira's Story


I never really understood how people could love dogs as much as their children, until I adopted my rescue dog Archie.

He is my whole world, and I honestly could not imagine life without him. I understand that pets are more that just companions, they are loving heartbeats at your feet, always ready to greet you with a wet nose and wagging tail.

Celebrate what makes your dog unique with a relaxed and fun-filled photo session, complete with customised art pieces to decorate your home with. Having over 3 years of experience photographing all types of dogs, including many rescue dogs volunteering with Rescue Hub, I am yet to meet one I cannot capture images of.

Don't be put off booking a photo session if your four-legged friend doesn't sit or stay perfectly, or because they may not listen well around other dogs. We can select the perfect location for your photo session to create images that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Let's get started! Click here to view more information on the photo session process and book in today.


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