Archie's Story

"Love is a four legged word"

You can read more on Archie in his blog posts and don't forget to follow him on Instagram.

Archie was brought into Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter just after Christmas in December 2015. At this time I did not have any dogs of my own and after losing our 2 beloved small dogs 3 and 5 months earlier I was starting to really miss having a furry companion to come home to and take on adventures.

I first photographed Archie on the 7th of January 2016 and thought what a handsome young man he was. Little did I know his first birthday was 3 days prior, he spent his first (and last) birthday in a concrete kennel. As the weeks went by I could not understand why such a beautiful young dog was still waiting in his kennel, that is until I visited him in his kennel. The poor thing was so scared and unsure of everything he wound not stop barking and jumping all over the place, which on first impression would turn just about anyone off. But I knew he was a different dog outside the small kennel and decided on the 27th of January to rescue him and give him a home he deserved!

Being of Kelpie breeding, Archie is incredibly smart and a very quick thinker. He knows how to sit, shake, lie down, roll over, spin both directions, give a kiss, beg and takes a bow for his audience.
After months of training, Archie is no longer reactive to other dogs and we have recently began agility training once a week. He absolutely loves to jump and run through tunnels, I think he was born to do agility!

Archie has his own Instagram account called Archie's Bucket List where I post images daily as Archie completes the ultimate doggie bucket list.

Stay tuned as the "adventures" of Archie continue with many more updates and stories to come!


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