Kove's photo session at Centennial Park
13 May, 2024
I just love photographing Australian Shepherds, you just can't take a bad photo of them. They are su ......
Jaxx's beautiful photo session at home
4 May, 2024
Although I have met and photographed Jaxx quickly in the past during an equine photo session, this s ......
Adrianna and Blinky's photo session at home
12 April, 2024
I don't think you could find a more adorable duo than Adrianna and her pony Blinky! The bond they sh ......
Ollie and Treasure's black background session
8 April, 2024
I love capturing black background sessions of horses, it is like creating works of art for their own ......
Do you know how to keep your digital photos safe?
6 April, 2024
Digital files are by far the most popular option for my clients. I do my very best backing up my fil ......
Forever Dachshund's photo session at Fagan Park
3 April, 2024
My photo session with Forever Dachshund's was something special. Not only did we photograph nine lit ......
R2D2's photo session at Castle Hill Heritage Park
9 February, 2024
I have to admit I have a soft spot for Border Collie's, and R2D2 is no exception! R2D2 is a you ......
Beginners guide to taking action shots of your dog
29 January, 2024
I know there are a lot of hobby photographers and enthusiastics who follow me, and are aolways askin.....
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