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"A house is not a home without a pet" - Unknown

Photography is more than just art - it is a memory captured in time. In the fast-paced world that we live in, I think it is important to set time aside to appreciate our furry friends. The one who started it all and sparked my interest in photography was Dash, the 17 year old Cavalier X who was affectionately known as the "Old Man".  Growing up Dash was a shoulder to cry on, someone to share food with and above all my best friend. Although one of my favourite subjects to photograph are horses and their humans, I will always have a soft spot for my Old Man.

Book your session

A private photographic session can take as little as an hour, but what you are left with will be memories and keepsakes for years to come. Your best friend might be a horse, or something more furry such as a dog or cat, but most of all they are an important part of the family. Choose from a natural outdoor setting or for a portable studio to come to you and your furry friends.


Helping pets in need

By supporting my work as a photographer you are also supporting my ability to help pets in need. For whatever reason dogs and cats end up at local pounds patiently awaiting their new home. Through the help of social media and photography, sharing images has become one of the most effective and simplest methods of connecting dogs with potential new owners.


Equine proofs

Photographic proofs from eventing to showing, and everything in between, can be viewed and purchased from the purposely set up Photo Cart. You can select from digital files, prints, montages and accessories with the addition of background enhancements.



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