Giving Back

I regularly volunteer my time to the rescue organisation Rescue Hub, which operates out of Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter in Mulgrave NSW, and POUND Rescue, who rescue dogs from country pounds. The aim is to capture unique images that highlight the dog's personality that are then shared online through social media to boost adoption rates. Images on social media give you a first impression of a dog, which is why I try and capture that dogs personality and quirks. Most people who rescued or adopted through Rescue Hub first get in contact with us through images they have seen online. Social media is a powerful tool in this day and age, and has saved many lives through image sharing.

Over the last two years I have captured many different types of dogs from high-energy puppies all the way through to gentle golden oldies. Some of the breeds I have photographed are Border Collies, Kelpies, Cattle Dogs, Wolfhounds, Staffys, Boxers, Bull Arabs, Huskys, German Shepherds and every variation in between. Most come to us with little or no training and with the combined help of fellow like-minded volunteers I am able to capture a small gallery of images for every dog.

Each dog is different but they are all looking for the same thing: their new forever home.


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