Photo session

Adrianna and Blinky's photo session at home
12 April, 2024
I don't think you could find a more adorable duo than Adrianna and her pony Blinky! The bond they share cannot be put into worlds.Although we had an overcast day for our session, the clouds parted and ......
Ollie and Treasure's black background session
8 April, 2024
I love capturing black background sessions of horses, it is like creating works of art for their owners. Each horse poses differently, and bring their own style to the photos.Claire purchased a Horses ......
Erin's wedding photo session in Colo Vale
27 January, 2024
I received a message from Erin towards the end of last year asking if I was available between Christmas and New Year for a special photo session. Her wedding was earlier in the month and she want ......
Mochi's photo session at Fagan Park
21 January, 2024
I have only ever met one Japanese Spitz in the past for a photo session, and I was so excited to see Mochi's pet parents book her into a photo session. Spitz are little pocket rockets, with lots of pe ......
Pippa and Sadie's photo session at Rouse Hill Regional Park
19 January, 2024
I met Jess, Pippa and Sadie's pet parent, a few years ago for a photo session of her two ponies. And, when she booked her two dogs in as a part of my International Dog Day photo session experience, I ......
Emily's wedding photo session at Warrain Beach
17 January, 2024
Emily reached out to me almost two years before her wedding date to book me in for a special photo session with her and her horse Lord Reginald (aka Reggie) to commence shortly after the wedding cerem ......
Georgie and Joy's formal photo session
8 January, 2024
There is nothing quite like finishing year 12 and celebrating your formal evening with your equine best friend. I was contacted by Nicole in regards to booking a last minute session with her daughter ......
Finnigan's photo session at Rouse Hill Regional Park
22 December, 2023
Finnigan's pet parent Natalie booked her session as a part of my Assistance Dogs Australia fundraising project, and opted to have her session at Rouse Hill Regional Park. I love this park so much as i ......
Rusty, Riot and Loki's photo session at Rouse Hill Regional Park
17 November, 2023
There is something special about capturing the bond a young girl has with her dogs, and my session with Rusty, Riot, Loki and their family was no different.Rusty, Riot and Loki are dog sport ......
Spirit's photo session at Fagan Park in Galston
7 November, 2023
I always love photographing Dalmatian's, they are such a beautiful and unique breed. Spirit and his pet parent Demi booked in one of my Assistance Dogs Australia fundraising photo sessions, and chose ......
Lizzie and Zara's photo session at Lakes Edge Park
27 October, 2023
Who can resist two cute Corgis, I certainly can't!Throughout the year I have been participating in a set of photography challenges called Embark run by Unleashed Education. I had originally plann ......
Amy and Jemma's photo session at Fagan Park
2 October, 2023
This blog post is in memory of Jemma. I met Jemma the English Springer Spaniel and her pet parent Amy earlier this year for a photo session at Fagan Park. Amy mentioned that Jemma's vets had found Lym ......
Junem, Eshke and Azizam's photo session at Strangers Creek
27 September, 2023
There is just something so regal about German Shepherds. They are not my breed of choice, purely because my lifestyle does not suit the breed and their needs, but I absolutely love photographing them. ......
Diesel and Sacha's photo session at Castle Hill Heritage Park
21 September, 2023
It was Staffy overload at Castle Hill Heritage Park for my photo session with Diesel and Sasha, and I loved it. Granted, Sasha is part German Shepherd, but she had the pure heart of a Staffy and a lov ......
Maggie and Chase's photo session at Rouse Hill Regional Park
3 September, 2023
This is the second time I have photographed Maggie and Chase, and, as before, they were the perfect models. We once again met at Rouse Hill Regional Park, but this time to help me photograph for a spe ......
Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park
27 August, 2023
A photo session years in the making! Originally purchased as a gift voucher pre-Covid, Antje wanted to celebrate her partners birthday with a photo session. Of course, that was put on hold as Covid lo ......
Pippa's photo session at Rouse Hill Regional Park
7 August, 2023
I have known Pippa and her pet parent Olivia for some years now, and when I needed to capture some images for my Embark photography challenges I knew I need to ask them. Pippa is a rescue dog like my ......
Ernie's photo session at the stunning Sydney Park
6 July, 2023
The sun's golden rays cast a beautiful glow throughout Sydney Park for my photo session with Ernie the adorable female Maltese x Poodle. The park was alive with vibrant colours, creatin ......
Shadow's session at Terrace Falls wins a Top 20 photo award!
5 July, 2023
I am absolutely over the moon that my image of Shadow at Terrace Falls made it into the top 20 for the Dogscape section of the photography challenges I am doing in 2023. In total there were 72 images ......
Atlas and Sparky's photo session at Rouse Hill Regional Park
13 June, 2023
In the radiant sunshine of Rouse Hill Regional Park, I had the pleasure of capturing precious moments with Atlas the Shetland Sheepdog and Sparky the Labradoodle. Atlas posed like a pro, particularly ......
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