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Billy photo session

19 October, 2018

I love capturing images of dogs, as you probably know, and I especially love capturing images of my family’s dogs. Billy the Beagle has been a member of my uncle, aunty and cousins family for over 8 years now. Whenever I visit them, I love getting a cuddle from silly Billy.

Billy is getting on in years now, so we didn’t want to go too far from home. Lucky for us, there are a lot of little parks and tree lined pathways close to his home. One particular park I had driven past numerous times before and have always wanted to capture in a photo session. It is complete with wide open areas, jetty and lily-filled pond.

Being an older dog, Billy was not in much of a hurry to move. I was able to capture images of him on the jetty, in one of the open fields and we were even able to walk a short distance to one of the pathways with falling cherry blossoms.

Billy photo session

Billy is such a sweet, gentle soul.
Billy photo session

"Oh, what is that over there?"
Billy photo session

I love the colours of Spring, everything is so vibrant and fresh.
Billy photo session

Modelling is hard work!
Billy photo session

Being an older gentleman, Billy was is no hurry to move. Which made my job so much easier to pose him amongst the fallen blossom petals.

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