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Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

8 April, 2019

Beautiful Coco is the first chocolate Labrador I have had the chance to photograph, and, when her pet parents chose Fagan Park as the photo session location, I knew we were in for some stunning photos.

Still a young girl, Coco was very energetic and found it hard to focus in a new environment, which is understandable and not a problem. I keep a variety of thin slip leads in my camera bag for this reason, easy to edit out and allows us to position the dog wherever we need to safely. Coco didn’t seem to mind, she enjoyed an afternoon of treats, sniffs and cuddles.

Fagan Park is jam packed full of stunning backdrops all year round, the sun always sets just in the right spots. I have been visiting the park since I was little, and know it like the back of my hand. So much so I know what time the sun sets, and in what position!

We had a fabulous afternoon, capturing images of Coco and her per parents. Feel free to scroll through a few of my favourites below, and leave a comment if you have any questions.

Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

"Do you have some treats for me?"
Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

I just love the old steps in the Mediterranean Garden, they compliment Cococ's coat colour perfectly.
Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

The sunset is always so stunning at Fagan Park.
Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

Although there were a lot of people around, and a soccer ball she really wanted to get to, Coco did so well during her photo session.
Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

Smile for the camera!
Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

"Did you say BONE?!"
Coco's photo session at Fagan Park

A chocolate Labrador and the warm setting sun, what could be more perfect?

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Comments (1)


on 4 July, 2019 8:07 PM
How cute....????????

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