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Ellie and Dukey photo session

14 August, 2017

Talk about one challenging session, full of laughs, fun and dog fur! I met Ellie, Dukey and their humans at Riverglade Reserve in Huntleys Cove back in May for their Canines of Character photo session. I can't say I enjoy travelling in the city of Sydney, but one thing I absolutely love is that everywhere in the city is dog friendly. Riverglade Reserve is not exception, when we arrived to the park it was full of dogs! Not to worry, the first series of images I capture in a photo session are running photos. This does two things, exhausts the dogs so they are more patient during the sit and stay images and I get to capture the dogs in their full flight glory.

Although Ellie and Dukey did not have a solid sit and stay, we captured so many wonderful images of them. Treats always come in handy, as well as my bag of various noise makers. You never know how a dog will respond with noises, some dogs don't seem phased while other dogs are full of head tilts.

Both Ellie and Dukey love to drink straight from a running tap, which created an adorable set of images with water droplets flying everywhere. Riverglade Reserve is surrounded by mangroves and has one little lake, we had to make sure Dukey didn't run off and go for a swim!

We ended the session with one of my favourite type of images, silhouette shots. I just love the profile of all the different dogs I have photographed and the colours of the sky, although the colours are similar, are never the same.

We recently had the viewing and ordering appointment, as the initial one was rescheduled. Ellie and Dukey's humans will enjoy a nice USB of digital files and two large acrylic blocks.

Ellie and Dukey photo session

Ellie warming up for her photo session in the afternoon sun.
Ellie and Dukey photo session

"Did someone say treats?"
Ellie and Dukey photo session

Dukey was so excited to be at the park, he barely stood still! But we captured plenty of nice images of him.
Ellie and Dukey photo session

"Oh please, that treat was so last season!"
Ellie and Dukey photo session

Dukey was posing like a pro in the last afternoon sunlight.
Ellie and Dukey photo session

The only thing missing is a bird to point to!
Ellie and Dukey photo session

Cheeky Dukey was eyeing off the pond in the background, he wanted to go for a late afternoon swim! Ellie wasn't interested in getting her fur dirty.
Ellie and Dukey photo session

Drink time after a hard afternoon being a model.

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