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Piccolo photo session

14 September, 2018

Little Piccolo the Toy Poodle was so much fun to photograph! At the time of our session, he was 5 months old, and already held a solid sit and stay, talk about a dream dog. Most puppies that age are little wriggling nuggets, but Piccolo was a little pro! I knew from his session form that he would be a younger dog, so I was prepared and had him safely posing on ledges and raised surfaces to help keep him stationary.

Piccolo has grown up a bit since our session, and you can follow his adventures on his Instagram account by clicking here.

Piccolo photo session

Piccolo, a little boy in a bog world.
Piccolo photo session

Such a happy puppy, posing in front of the beautiful Spring flowers.
Piccolo photo session

One majestic little man, surveying the Japanese Garden at Fagan Park.
Piccolo photo session

Posing on a rock? No problem for Piccolo!
Piccolo photo session

When you get to the end of your photo session and the tiredness kicks in...
Piccolo photo session

Of course boys look good in pink!

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