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Beau photo session

12 August, 2018

Sweet Beau was once a very lost soul. He was surrendered to Hawkesbury Animal Shelter when his “owners” were moving house, the same morning I was there volunteering. I remember walking past his kennel and seeing him there, shaking with fear on his bed. I took a video of him to post on the Rescue Hub Facebook page, and the next day his new forever family adopted him!

It was great to see him again months later looking so much healthier and happier. His pet parents are still in contact with Rescue Hub, and sadly he had a few separation issues. But, his pet parents are 100% dedicated to Beau and love him to the moon and back.

Our photo session was held at Fagan Park. Another of my favourite locations, we had a picture-perfect afternoon with beautiful warm sunlight. We began some stationary images of Beau on a lovely pebble pathway, which provided us with a few different images. Beau’s pet parent also asked for some images with Beau, which I am always more than happy to do. We found a willow tree and captured some heart-warming images.

As the sun started to go down, we finished out session with some pretty pink flowers. Boys can like pink too!

Beau photo session

Hey there handsome!
Beau photo session

Who could have surrendered this beautiful boy?
Beau photo session

An always smiling Beau posing like a pro at Fagan Park.
Beau photo session

"Do I have to sit and stay here? I'd much rather come over and get cuddles."
Beau photo session

Such a different dog to when I met him at the animal shelter, it's always heart-warming to see a dog thrive with love and care.
Beau photo session

Beau's Blue Steel look.
Beau photo session

Do you think Beau loves his human mum?

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Comments (1)

Katinka Lane

on 13 August, 2018 6:56 PM
Thank you for your always amazing dedication and love to these beautiful lost babies xxx

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