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Shelby photo session

20 July, 2018

When a dog writes his own blog, you know you just have to photograph them! Shelby’s photo session was actually a surprise gift for his pet parents, and I am happy to report they loved the images. Shelby’s human mum helps him write his very own blog, which is super cute and can be viewed by clicking here. Shelby’s human brothers and sisters wanted to give their parents some surprise prints for Christmas. So, one late Spring afternoon Shelby, his human brother and my assistant met at Centennial Park to capture some images.

Shelby is just like most Border Collies, very alert, smart and obedient. He sat and lay down perfectly for all of his images, but I made sure he had plenty of sniff and running breaks too. Although dogs do a lot of sitting during a photo session, it is mentally tiring for a dog and having concentration breaks helps the dog remain calmer and easier to manage throughout the session.

Centennial Park is always a beautiful location, and this afternoon was no different. With such a large variety of plants, scrubs and monuments, the Park is perfect year-round. Most of the grass was sadly yellowing due to the heat and drought, but lucky for us a wedding has just finished on a perfectly mowed lawn complete with plant aisle. Shelby’s black and white fur complimented all the blooming flowers perfectly. The photo opportunities were endless!

Shelby photo session

Is there a colour that doesn't suit a black and white dog?
Shelby photo session

Shelby was such a great model, sitting, standing and running wherever I needed him to.
Shelby photo session

This is by far one of my favourite running images of all time! The look on his face is hilarious.
Shelby photo session

A rose among roses.
Shelby photo session

Centennial Park was full of beautiful photo opportunities, with an amazing sunset.
Shelby photo session

Shelby having a quick rest in between moving locations.
Shelby photo session

What a handsome man Shelby is!

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