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Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park

27 August, 2023

A photo session years in the making! Originally purchased as a gift voucher pre-Covid, Antje wanted to celebrate her partners birthday with a photo session. Of course, that was put on hold as Covid lockdowns happened months later. Fast forward to March of 2023 and our photo session went ahead with stunning weather and a new little member to the family.

Charlie is a lovable Golden Retriever who adores playing fetch. She is so gentle with her little human brother, and the photos of the two of them together are just too cute.

Ballast Point Park was chosen as a photo session location as it is close to home and convenient when there is a little one to also account for. We began our session with some family photos before we had a hungry baby on our hands. Antje's mother was also in Australia visiting, and was able to help us with baby wrangling, and took him home so we could focus on images with just Charlie.

Did I mention Charlie is a posing superstar? She absolutely rocked her portraits and I couldn't take a bad photo of her. She posed anywhere and everywhere I asked her to, with her reward being a really good game of fetch right at the end of the session. The reason I leave action images towards the end of a session sometimes is because dogs get too tired out, and they end up panting too hard for nice portraits.

This was by far Charlie's favourite part of the afternoon. She jumped, leaped and soared chasing her ball to her hearts content. We ended the session with a very tired Charlie, so I offered to drive her and Antje home to save the 15 minute walk. Luckily the backseat of my car is already set up for a bigger dog (my boy Chico is a really large Border Collie who takes up almost the whole of my back seat), so she was safely clipped in and could relax on her drive home.

Here are just some of the photos from our session, I could not pick a favourite!

Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park
Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park
Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park
Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park
Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park
Charlie's photo session at Ballast Point Park

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