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Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

12 February, 2020

I first met Fern at one of our puppy school classes and I am so happy her owner, Jess, took up my photo session special offer flyer in the puppy school goodie bag. We could not have picked a more perfect afternoon for our photo session, a nice sunny summer's day that wasn't too hot. And, of course, Fagan Park delivered with its perfectly manicured lawn, trimmed hedges and beautiful blooming summer flowers.

Although Fern was only 17 weeks old during our session, Jess has done a lot of training with Fern and she was an absolute star. We took a few breaks for Fern, so she could enjoy a sniff and drink between locations. We first began in the overflow grass car park with the sun setting below the trees. Fagan Park is situated on a hillside, so the sun sets earlier there than most locations.
As the afternoon went on, we made our way through the African Garden, then onto the Mediterranean Garden before finishing just below the lake for some action shots. This was by far Fern's favourite part of the session, she really let her hair out! And it sure made for some stunning photos. Fagan Park is an on lead park, which is where my long slip lead comes in handy. Quick to edit out and dog remains on lead!

I can't wait to see how Fern grows in the coming months, she is going to be a stunning girl.

Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

Happy little Fern in her cute bandana.
Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

I always love using this bridge in my Fagan Park photo sessions.
Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

Summer time means the flowers are blooming in the Mediterranean Garden.
Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

The beautiful Mediterranean Garden is my favourite, it provides so much variety during a photo session.
Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

Finally Fern could let loose!
Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

Gaining speed...
Fern's photo sesion at Fagan Park

... here she comes!

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