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German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

27 December, 2018

Sadly, there is never a shortage of rescue groups needed for the thousands of dogs that find themselves homeless each and every year. Purebred or mixed breed, young or old, the amount of dogs bred in Sydney is outgrowing the number of homes wanting dogs. Through my photography, I help any way I can, so when Heather from German Shepherd Rescue NSW contacted me to see if I was able to help capture images for their 2019 calendar, I was more than happy to help.

Meet Rayna, Jed, Kanga, Hudson and Maggie, five stunning German Shepherds under the care of German Shepherd Rescue NSW. Each with their own stories, all looking for a forever home. Although the weather was not ideal, we spent an  hour together capturing a wide variety of images for the upcoming calendar. Being an on lead park, and having five dogs to position and photograph, I brought along my thin slip leads which are a breeze to edit out in Photoshop. Can you tell?

The last image I wanted to capture was a group photo of all five dogs together. most of the dogs had other plans, so I captured five individual images and merged them into one group shot. Sounds simple, but is far from it! I had to position each dog exactly where they were to sit or stand in the final image, then edit the leads and handlers out. The result? A stunning group portrait, if you ask me!

German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

Sweet Rayna had her head tilts on point!
German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

Jed LOVES the ball, which made for some pretty awesome images!
German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

Kanga is an older soul, and much preferred to sit and have us run around to get her attention.
German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

Hudson can only be described as a big bear. He is huge!
German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

Maggie took the photo session all in her stride.
German Shepherd Rescue 2019 calendar photo session

Smile for the camera! A beautiful group shot, made up of five images.

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