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We were in the snow!

11 August, 2019

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

An Antarctic wind blasting through NSW brought snow to the Blue Mountains, turning the already beautiful landscape into a Winter Wonderland! I had never been to the snow, so it was time to pack up the camera, dogs and jackets to capture some truly spectacular images.

In one word, magical. Having never seen snow before it was everything I had dreamed it to be, and so much more. Archie and Chico, surprisingly, didn't even bat an eyelid at the falling white powder, and enjoyed frocking in the snow-covered landscape and having a little taste. I made sure no yellow snow was consumed!

Our last minute adventure began at the Three Sisters. Although the snow was not enough to dust the landmark, it was magical to see snow swirl around us. We then moved on to Blackheath, where we were greeted with a decent snow fall at the beautiful Campbell Rhododendron Gardens. We spent some time here, exploring and taking photos. On our way back home, we stopped on the side of the road at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church to capture a few last images of the dogs in between tall trees covered in snow.

All in all, totally worth the 6am wake up! I can't wait to spend more time up in the Mountains when it snows next time, I think a whole weekend away is in order.

Here are just some of the images we captured, thank goodness my boys are well behaved and, more importantly, cooperative!

We were in the snow!

What is this falling white stuff?!
We were in the snow!

Checking out the view at the Three Sisters. It was very windy, and wet from the melted snow. A big thank you to Petbarn for sending the boys their awesome coats!
We were in the snow!

Are these white fluffs edible?
We were in the snow!

Archie poses like a pro in the Australian bush.
We were in the snow!

Even though the ground was cold, the boys will do ANYTHING for a treat!
We were in the snow!

Our friend Boy George the Brussels Griffon jumped in for a photo with Archie and Chico before the drive back home.

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