Horse photography

Jayne and Quinto's photo session in Arcadia
5 June, 2023
In a picturesque agistment property in Arcadia, a beautiful sunny afternoon set the stage for a special photo session with Jayne and her dressage Warmblood gelding, Quinto26, affectionately known as Q ......
Georgia and Baz's photo session on location
11 May, 2023
My photo session with Georgia and Baz was so much fun! As a fellow equine photographer, Georgia had a deep understanding of how to pose with her horse and what angles would create the best images. She ......
Trista's photo session with Dazzle and Lexi
26 April, 2023
I recently had the pleasure of photographing Trista and her beloved companions Dazzle and Lexi. Dazzle is an Arabian x Welsh Pony, and Lexi is a Koolie. We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny afterno ......
Xena and Connie's photo session at home
15 February, 2023
I recently had the pleasure of photographing Xena, a German Shepherd, and Connie, a Warmblood x Arabian. The photo session took place at the family property, where we began taking portrait photos of X ......
Bundy, Archie, Max and Cashie's photo session at home
13 January, 2023
As a photographer, I always love the opportunity to capture unique and beautiful images, and a photo session with a horse and owner, and three well-behaved dogs, was no exception. The sunny afternoon ......
Why I feel it is still so important to print digital files
8 January, 2023
As a pet photographer, I can attest to the importance of capturing beautiful, high-quality photographs of our furry friends. Pet photography not only allows us to freeze a moment in time and remember ......
Farewell 2022, it was one heck of a year!
31 December, 2022
As the owner of a pet photography business, I get to spend my days doing what I love: taking pictures of animals! I’ve been in business for almost 10 years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it.T.....
Springing into Spring with BARE Equestrian
5 October, 2022
There is no better way to start Spring than with a BARE Equestrian photo session! Luckily with all the rainy weather that has been around we had a picture perfect sunny day to capture all the new BARE ......
Louise and Amelia's photo session at home
31 August, 2022
Sometimes you just need to do something creative for the fun of it. And that's exactly what I did with Louise and Amelia.At the end of last year I purchased a brand new camera. It's been almost 10 yea ......
Victoria's wedding photo session at Galston Rural Spots Facility
11 August, 2022
What do you do when you can't take your horses to your wedding? Get dressed up again and take the photos after the honeymoon! Which is exactly what Victoria did, and I was lucky enough to capture her ......
M.R.Breeches photo session at Stonewall Equestrian
13 July, 2022
When you love your job, you will never have work a day in your life. At the end of June I met up with Michael from M.R.Breeches, our models Rod and Matt plus super stylist Cathy to capture photo ......
Sponsored rider Mackenzie with Vivajoy
22 June, 2022
I love catching up with my sponsored riders, and when Mackenzie and her family purchased a new show jumping mare by the name of Viva joy I just knew I had to meet and photograph her!I had such an amaz ......
Courtney, Jake and Ziva at Scheyville National Park
11 May, 2022
The way Ziva looks up at Courtney, and how handsome is Jake Courtney purchased a photo session gift voucher right before Covid hit in 2020, and we were so lucky to squish her session in earlier this y ......
Clare and Kelly's photo session at home
9 May, 2022
I just can't get enough of this pair!Clare and her mare Kelly are picture perfect, honestly I've never had a harder time choosing images! We spend a glorious afternoon in the shade of the Summer sun f ......
Alexa with Soda Pop and Spirit at Arcadia Pony Club
3 May, 2022
At the end of last year, I met Alexa and her ponies Soda Pop and Spirit for a photo session booked by Alexa's mum Karen. We had so much fun that afternoon, many laughs were had and we even managed to ......
Edge's private photo session at home
19 January, 2022
It only took 3 years but Rachel and I FINALLY didn’t have Covid restrictions, rain or an injured horse cancel our photo session. Yay!Edge is such a beautiful soul, an ex-police horse who made me wor ......
PSB Welsh Cob photo session at home
6 January, 2022
Earlier this year I got to meet these two totally adorable foals and their mums at PSB Welsh Cobs. We were super lucky to get some sunshine during our session, it had rained earlier in the day and as ......
Harley and Poppy's photo session at home
13 December, 2021
When your best friend is half your size, but it doesn't matter!Harley the handsome Thoroughbred shares his life with little Poppy the Shetland x Welsh Pony, both who are very much loved by their owner ......
Sunshine's photo session at home
23 November, 2021
Secretly Haflingers are my dream breed. I think its their golden colour and sweet nature that I love so much. So, when Kim booked her Haflinger Sunshine in for a photo session, I can confirm I had a m ......
Lost and Simba's photo session at home
16 November, 2021
For the majority of my equine photo sessions, I find that conducting the session at home or at the agistment property is much easier on both the horses and owners. There is no need to transport the ho ......
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