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Waverley and Calvin's session at home

26 June, 2024

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of photographing Waverley and her Thoroughbred gelding, Calvin, for the second time. This session took place at his new agistment property near Camden. Despite the somewhat iffy weather, we managed to capture some truly magical moments.

Waverley’s bond with Calvin is nothing short of special. Describing him, she said, “Calvin is such a fun horse, he’s got tonnes of personality and we have a very playful relationship! We like to ride when we can, but quality time with him and watching his personality come out is our favourite thing.” This unique connection was evident throughout our time together, making for some heart-warming portraits.

This session was part of a Horses Birthday special offer that Waverley had purchased in August last year. The package included the session itself, $150 of credit and an 8" x 12" acrylic block. Booking the session a few months later in summer turned out to be a great choice, despite the variable weather, as Calvin had his stunning summer coat shining through. The initial half of the session was blessed with sunshine, adding a beautiful glow to the photos, with storm clouds coming in towards the end of the session. But, we did not let that stop us capturing a few last portraits before it grew too dark.

During her viewing and ordering appointment, Waverley selected a five digital file package and chose a beautiful image for her included acrylic block. It was wonderful to see her so delighted with the results. The images truly captured the loving relationship between her and Calvin.

Waverley and Calvin's session at home
Waverley and Calvin's session at home
Waverley and Calvin's session at home
Waverley and Calvin's session at home
Waverley and Calvin's session at home
Waverley and Calvin's session at home
Waverley and Calvin's session at home

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