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Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

11 June, 2019

If you haven’t met Boy George yet, you should! No, not the famous singer, the famous Instagram star!

Boy George is a Brussels Griffon, a small breed of dog originally bred for hunting rats in Brussels, Belgium. No longer used for hunting, they are fiercely loyal and love being with their humans. Boy George is no different, he loves his pet parent, and lucky for him he is allowed to go to work with her every day.

Boy George's pet parent, Georgia, is a colleague of mine. A groomer by trade, Georgia has been teaching me all the ins and outs of how to keep my Border Collie, Chico, looking smart and groomed. It was only fair to return the favour with some photos of her main man!

Having attended obedience classes from a young age, Boy George spent the majority of his session off lead. Sitting, standing and posing wherever the light went, we were able to capture a wide variety of images for his photo album. Fagan Park is one of my favourite locations, it always delivers a beautiful sunset and stunning gardens.

As well as our main photo session, we made plans to take some photos of our dogs by the Sydney Harbour during Vivid. My dogs are very well trained, but it does help to have a second pair of hands helping wrangle dogs!

I have seen Boy George grow from a little puppy to a handsome young man, and I can't wait to see where life takes him!

Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

Boy George was much more interested in running around exploring the park, not sitting on a rock for photos to be taken.
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

When an unexpected piece of grass hits you in the face.
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

This boy was made for the camera.
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

"Is that a food wrapper I hear?"
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

Mr Handsome posing in the setting sun.
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

Fagan Park is stunning all year round, but especially so in Autumn by the Mediterranean Garden by the purple flowers.
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

It's not always easy being Boy George, there are many things to contemplate.
Boy George's photo session at Fagan Park

Posing like a pro in front of the best harbour in the world!

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