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Jake's photo session

17 June, 2019

Check out this chunky hunky monkey! Jake is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the smallest breed of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and was a blast to photograph. Although he is small, he sure makes up for it in his personality.

Jake is just one of my 2019 ambassadors. I fell in love with his Instagram, account and just had to have him as a part of the team.

Our session was at Macquarie Park, on the banks of the beautiful Hawkesbury River. Jake loves the water, we captured some absolutely hilarious images of him crashing through the water with the biggest grin on his face. After his run around, he dried off for some stationary images. The advantage of Macquarie Park is it has both sandy banks and lush green grass, perfect for a variety of images. I like to refer it to the beach in the country!

We had a picture perfect afternoon, finishing up with some silhouette images of Jake with his pet parents. I'm sure Jake slept well that night after a jam packed session!

Don't forget to check out Jake on Instagram (click here) and the rest of my social media ambassadors (click here).

Jake's photo session

"Is that you making those weird sounds behind the camera?"
Jake's photo session

Jake is such happy boy, always smiling an enjoying life.
Jake's photo session

Watch out, here he comes!
Jake's photo session

Nothing like getting your paws we during a photo session.
Jake's photo session

Check out the muscles on Jake!
Jake's photo session

Posing like a pro on the sandy banks of the Hawkesbury River.
Jake's photo session

Catching the last rays of light before the sun sets on another beautiful photo session.
Jake's photo session

Everywhere you look, the scenery is spectacular! Especially when you add a handsome dog in the foreground.
Jake's photo session

Jake with his pet parents with the setting sun.

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