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The tables have turned, I had a work experience student!

6 November, 2015

Getting into the photography field is hard work, where do you start, how do you get experience, and who do I ask for help? I was faced with these questions when I was going through high school and when it came time to do my year 10 work experience where was I going to go?

I took up photography a few years after I finished school but I still had the passion and love for it even when I wasn??™t working in the field. I started my photographic education at TAFE and obtained my Certificate IV followed by my Diploma while building up my portfolio.
By no means is it easy, the industry is saturated with photographers due to the development of digital cameras in the last few years (nothing wrong with it either, I still believe that your work speaks for itself and if a client likes your work they will pick you).

Before I started TAFE I contacted various photographers in my area asking for experience. Out of the ten or so people I contacted I only got one response, a very polite no. And I thought to myself, “When I get myself up and running and a student contacts me for experience I will say yes.”
So when the time came a few weeks back with a student emailing me asking for work experience I straight away said yes!

Once I had a photo session lined up a time was decided and all forms were filled out. The afternoon of the session came with no rain (thank goodness as it was raining all week and earlier that same day!) and we both spent a few hours photographing Jess with her horses and two dogs.

If you are a student looking for work experience or someone interested in a photographic session please feel free to get in contact with me.

Here are just some of my images below, a big thank you to Jess for letting us come over and being so very patient while we photographed her furry friends.


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Comments (1)

Jake Portlock

on 27 February, 2020 4:51 PM

i am a student in year 10 and am looking for a place to do work experience. I currently do photography and am quite passionate about this. I live in the Ryde area just to let you know.

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